Have a question about getting your company online? Here's our FAQ page to get you the information you need to know about our web design & hosting services.

"Why would I need a website?"

How many times have you been asked by customers, "do you have a website?", what do you tell them? In today's market place, a website is an absolute necessity.

A professional online presence can literally give you a worldwide audience. Your site can tell your potential customers everything they need to know and more about you, even a full page yellowpage ad can't do that. Is it worth it? Absolutely! We're proud to say that we've had a clients site launch on a wednesday, and by the next monday, they received a $15,000.00 order as a direct result of a customer being able to see the clients entire product line on the site. Works for them. It can work for you!

"What are the costs involved?"

First, there's the actual design of the site which can range from $1500.00 and up depending on complexity of the site. There are times when a site may go for less, as all our sites are quoted on a case by case basis, because every client has different needs. Can you find someone to do your site for less? Sure, but what's your company's online image worth? The old saying applies to the web as well . . . you get what you pay for. You can spend less and look cheap, or you can invest and look just like the big boys do. A professional online presence is an investment, not an expense.

Secondly, there are the hosting & domain name registration fees. We offer yearly hosting plans for $20.00 per month. The domain name registration (www.yourcompany.com) is free with any hosting plan. The hosting plan comes with your own control panel where you can view detailed stat reports on how your site is doing, as well as being able to add and delete email accounts for you and your employees. See our web hosting page for more info.

"What's the process?"

It's actually very simple. The first step would be to contact us. From the first conversation we can gather some preliminary info like what type of business etc. We can then meet with you at your location to get a feel of what's going on, as well as seeing your products & services, all the while gathering ideas that would taylor the site to your specific needs.
Once we have all the info we need, we can give you the actual cost of your site. Once agreed, we require a deposit of 50% to get started, with the remainder due once the finished site is approved and ready to upload to the internet.

With the info we need, we can start laying out the actual look and feel of the site. Once you approve the layout, we can start building the rest of the site like inserting content etc.

Your site will be built just as if we were building your house. You will be given a private web address to see your site being built where you can see everything that's going on in real time. This will give you the opportunity to make changes right away. This method saves alot of time.

When your site is finished and you give us your approval, we can then upload your site to the internet, as well as setting up your email accounts, submitting to the search engines etc.

"What happens after I get a website, what about making changes"

Our relationship with you does not end when your site goes online. We are not just a web design company, but a partner in making your business look it's best and helping it grow. If you would need any changes to your site, we can take care of that for you at any time. We're here for you today, tomorrow, and beyond.

"How many email addresses can I have?"

Our hosting plan comes with 2,500 email addresses. Unless you're Bill Gates, that ought to be sufficient for your company.

"Can I sell through the website"

Absolutely. We can design an ecommerce site with a shopping cart along with credit card acceptance capabilities and more.

"What about photography?"

We offer full turnkey web sites. We can shoot professional photos and video of your products, staff, facility and more. Having us provide the photography keeps the style of the photos in perfect rhythm with the site layout. You can provide your own pictures of course, but we do a pretty good job at what we do, and our pictures reflect that.

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